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03-06-2011, 05:27 PM
The space part of the mission leads to a ground part, and all three of those officers and a redshirt Bekk beam down with me. This ground portion of the mission has a lot of dialogue that is supposed to come from different officers. I have it setup so that each of the away team tactical, engineer, and science officers have things to say in the mission. However, only the Gorn tac officer was saying anything, saying the dialogue parts of each officer instead of only the tactical part.
Update on this portion. I finished and published the mission and ran through it with a 'proper' character, yet this issue remains, one officer was saying the dialogue for everyone. The tactical officer said all the lines for the science and engineer as well as his own, despite having a science and engineer in the away team. This issue only happened on the ground, though. Space dialogue worked properly.

Do note that it was not an issue between (away team) and (ship) officers, as I had different (ship) officers supposed to say things while on the ground, yet only the tactical (ship) said anything for the eng(ship) and sci(ship), along with the tactical (away team) who said dialogue for the eng and sci (away team). The issue affected all BO dialogue on the ground.