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03-07-2011, 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by PinkPink
Hi, I am Pink - some of you may well know me from Champions Online, where I spend the... vast majority of my time going about kicking villain arse. Which may make you wonder - wait, what are you doing here?

I was randomly browsing in my local video game store, and found a copy of STO, retail, for $20. I thought, "Hey, that's cheap. Like - that's a month's subscription, and I don't have to destroy my download limit..."

I had been considering it on and off, but never had a reason, but I was playing one Cryptic MMO, and despite the amount of complaining I post on the forums, I do love it. And Star Trek always seemed like an okay show. Just needed a little push.
Originally Posted by PinkPink
Anyway, I have never seen an episode aside from one really old film I saw in high school, with Captain Picard as the captain and some weird special effects involving time and someone choosing to live with an alien woman - I still do not know why we watched it.
That sounds like Generations with Soran and the Nexus. And that person you're referring to would the Kirk who got trapped in the Nexus, with his wife, who, becuase of Picard, decided to tell her that instead of joining Starfleet, he would be telling her how much he loved her.
Originally Posted by PinkPink
But hey, Champions is fun, right?

How much different can it be?
Surpisingly, it's very different. For instance, there's no spaceship combat in Champions! :p