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03-07-2011, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by nexdea View Post
Mindmage, i think its unfair you lump all lifers together.....i bought my lifetime sub not just for the mirror universe uniform..its for the fact i don't need to resub or worry about subscription after 2 years. So if you lump all of us lifer together and call us whiners, Then what if i lump all you subbers together and call you whiners? This is because there were subbers who whined about the extra stuff lifers get and they really want it. Cryptic eventually put it in c-store and most of us didn't even ask for reimbursement. We know that Cyptic is a company..they needed to make money so they can keep the game server running. Part and parcel of a business. So please keep in mind that these 'whiners' are usually individuals not EVERYONE. Thanks.
Alright, I amend my statement. I wasn't aware I was lumping all "Lifers" together in my gripe.

Why do some of the "Lifers" feel they should be reimbursed for anything they paid for that becomes available to the rest of us in game through mark or emblem grinding and hopefully crafting the Flyer.