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03-07-2011, 05:49 AM
I want to see people reaction, if cryptic was going to release for only 500 emblems, no c-store, no quest just emblems... people would be more outraged then now...

And again, 500 emblems is grindable in approx 1 month. Possible also for casuals? nope not really, but in what game people get topend gear without investing any time at all.

It like people in wow would demand to get frostmourne in less then a month...

People need to realize, that ships are also equpiment, basically they are your armor set and if you put that in that perspective the howl system becomes crystal clear.

You get your basic armor (EC optainable on different tiers), you get your level-cap reward armor, and you have your uncommon armor grindable through emblems/marks.