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Originally Posted by pr1983 View Post
I really hope you didn't just suggest that I'm rich.
its not "IF" your a fan that wants all items that you automatic be a "rich" person nono, even none rich players can be like "i want it all no mater the cost".

Originally Posted by Hornet331 View Post
I want to see people reaction, if cryptic was going to release for only 500 emblems, no c-store, no quest just emblems... people would be more outraged then now...

And again, 500 emblems is grindable in approx 1 month. Possible also for casuals? nope not really, but in what game people get topend gear without investing any time at all.

It like people in wow would demand to get frostmourne in less then a month...

People need to realize, that ships are also equpiment, basically they are your armor set and if you put that in that perspective the howl system becomes crystal clear.

You get your basic armor (EC optainable on different tiers), you get your level-cap reward armor, and you have your uncommon armor grindable through emblems/marks.
give me proof that you can farm 500 emblems in 1 months and not just your word! its my understanding then wen your grinding emblems you face a cooldown timer on the mission that gives emblems wen you repeat the mission to much, timer gets bigger the more you do the missions so i don't think you can farm 500 emblems in a month "time wise".
and world of ******** armor or any related stuff from ******** can't be used for example here, totally different game, its like comparing apples with oranges.

Originally Posted by Vexera
I really don't mind paying for cosmetic related items, such as Uniforms or a different race. But I draw the line when the game can be impacted by buying ships that will alter game play in favour of the purchaser.

I pay $15 per month for Cryptic to release purchasable items and Foundry updates. We are paying them to make more money. Instead of getting real end game content, we get CStore releases. Star Trek is grindy to the extreme, even more so than WoW. I am looking for decent end game and this is not the game that will deliver.
yeah its rare that people don't see the harm in this c-store at this time, we pay "well technical i don't" a monthly fee to make cryptic crew make us "content" witch we get so far BUT that content is either half or totally bugged! cryptic is spending more time on adding goodies to there C-store then to fix whats wrong with this game! really makes me sad.

PS: not saying i'm not happy with the content that we got so far just saying that's that why we "again technical not me" pay a monthly fee for. C-store makes perfect sens if the game is F2P so that's why i'm 100% sure this game will be sooner then we think F2P and keep in mind this game was made with an eye on F2P otherwise you won't start a game with a store at launch!! well thats my opinion anyways.