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03-07-2011, 08:57 AM
I've long said that I feel that 350 would be a much more psychologically achievable number of emblems for in game grinding and that lowering the C-Store price just slightly to 1000 emblems would be on a par with this, making the C-Store still profitable and making in game much more achievable.

That said I've noticed that ships going in at the minute aren't for Emblems. They're for marks of exploration, now this is much more achievable as if you run B'Tran or the Klingon equivalent you receive marks and emblems for the same missions - just a thought people, just a thought.

Heck if work didn't drag my ass all over the country at the minute reducing my game time significantly I'd aim to grind out, lets say the Nebula, in the next month just for interest sake. 16 a day is...challenging but not impossible, I'd say 6 weeks is more likely the realistic number