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03-07-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by Primus01 View Post
Nothing is free, there is always a price to pay. The real question is, is it worth the price to you.

It is worth it to me. I like STO and it has improve greatly since it start and it will only get better.
Hmm. Here's the thing though, the $15 dollars a month that all of us are paying is (in the traditional MMO model) the money used to keep the game running and produce more content.

This model has worked well for MMOs in the past, (micro-transactions are a fairly late edition to the professional pay-monthly mmo scene). So is STO's population so low they need the extra cash from the C-Store? Have production costs gone up that much? I've heard live chat comments from the Devs stating that "STO is doing very well", which begs the question: is this a money grab, or a necessary means of getting cash in the 'new world economy of MMOs'?

I certainly don't want to insult the Devs, because I think they are doing a bang up job for the most part (and most likely these c-store decisions don't rest with them), but they *are* our champions to the Cryptic powers-that-be. I don't recall seeing any 'marketing' guys here on a daily basis listening to our concerns and replying to our requests (and again I apologize if there are some and I just haven't noticed!).

So I do hope that one of the devs can enlighten us on the c-store and emblem 'price points' and clarify if anyone is buying ships at 500 emblems a shot (because to me that number just seems fairly impracticable due to the time it takes and the repetitive nature of the content in question). At a guess, I would imagine the ratio of c-store buys to emblem buys must be very low. If so, this should be addressed, and in-game only purchases should be more accessible and enjoyable to those who want to get these items this way (IMHO anyways!) ;-)

As a final comment, I do think someone hit a reasonable 'price point' above in one of the other comments. 1000 c-store points or 350 emblems.

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