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03-07-2011, 10:30 AM
we can whine all we want, the facts are people buy stuff from the c-store ! so why change the c-store wen it does so well ... we whine about the c-store every time something new gets added YET we buy the item "me included" almost instantly so why would cryptic change that! so why do i even care to wage "war" against the c-store, mostly out of frustration that i can't do crap about it! and i hope that more players see this and start thinking different about the c-store so maybe that way things will get changed!

its like smoking law in my country, we all know smoking kills or at-least shorten your life-span YET the government allows the selling of cigarettes, why cus the government gets allot of tax from that sales. is that fair no, is that stupid yes, do we know that fact yes, do we care NO ... same principle for the c-store we know its unfair in an none F2P model do we care NO. well not all some do care but can't do crap about it :p

i bet that this game is making so much money "cus of c-store sales" that cryptic can fund a new game with it!! and possible is doing right now. i don't say this is bad don't get me wrong here !! but at-least fix this game before you divert money to a new project!
and yes the dev's did an excellent job so far and i hope this will continue much longer!