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When I bought the game over a year ago, from Swedish retailer "", it was the Star Trek Online (Gold Edition), which came pre-packaged with the DS9 Uniform Pack on a separate key card. This is my preferred uniform style, and have worn it since the day of launch, until the AGT Uniform Pack was released, since I consider it to be more era-appropriate.

However... Recently, a friend of mine decided to pick up the game, and after creating an account to apply his cdkey, he mistakenly remained logged into my account (on my computer), and applied the cdkey to my account. This added the "Deluxe Edition" version of STO to my account, in addition to the existing "Gold Edition".

As a result, my account gained certain new unlocks (Joined Trill, Automated Defense Turret, TOS Uniforms among others). But in the process, the DS9 Uniform Pack now shows as not being unlocked anymore. It requires me to pay Atari Tokens to unlock.

Can anyone at Cryptic check what happened, and unlock the uniforms which WERE unlocked for me up until a few days ago? Already sent in a ticket, but that will take weeks before I even see a reply (if any)