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Just made Captain last night. I usually take my ships out for a shakedown cruise, a quick run around the block, photo op session, and back to ESD to shop for the best weaponry I can buy. Amongst the screenshots I snapped while doing this, I saw this one and said, oh yes, theres my winner.

Introducing the U.S.S. Bull Halsey. So many go for lame spellings of Enterprise. I wanted a way to associate myself with the Big E of WWII, but not be a cheap knockoff. Then I thought of the Admiral. And as I played through STO, I kept looking around to see if someone had this name yet, crossing my fingers that the name would still be "available" by the time I got my Galaxy class. Im always trying to be unique.

So, here's to you Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, and thanks for being the badass that you were in WWII with the Big E as your flagship. The registry is NCC 901942 with 1942 being the year the Big E fought at Guadalcanal.

I have my names picked out for my Sovereign and my Dreadnought, and so far, no one has used them that Ive noticed. They wont hint at the Enterprise though. So far, Ive commanded the

USS Sean Connery <Constellation Class>
USS Harrison Ford <1701 A variant>
USS Old Yeller <Excelsior Class> (And my only funny name in the bunch, because I wanted at least one funny name in my shipyard)