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03-07-2011, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Primus01 View Post
I do not have problem with what Cryptic is doing with the C-Store. I hate say this, but they are a business. Business need to make money. Those who talk about F2P, remember that most F2P limit what levels, characters and content and still have where premium member usually still pay monthly fees to access everything or pay 200 to 300 dollar to unlock everything. Those who say you don't either don't play F2P games or know how to grin and spend the point in the right way.

I understand that 500 emblem seem steep, but it does keep you playing. The C-Store is there for people who have to get it right now and are not patient enough to wait and save up for what they want. A lot of games are starting to do both the monthly payments and a store. There are also games doing both F2P and Pay 2 Play.

Nothing is free, there is always a price to pay. The real question is, is it worth the price to you.

It is worth it to me. I like STO and it has improve greatly since it start and it will only get better.

As others have already stated, Cryptic are not only making money on STO via subscriptions fee's but also double dipping there customer base by charging another c-store fee for content we have already paid for No other MMO does both. I couldn't care less about fluff items such as costumes, bridges and xp potions being in the C-store but when you can purchase ships with extra abilities it becomes something I have a problem with it. Not to mention the fact the Devs stated only fluff items would ever go into the store.

Also before the c-store defenders jump all over the fact you can buy ships in game for emblems, its such a high amount it can only have been devised to push players towards the c-store. Cryptic should let players use credits to buy the ships just like the you can while levelling up.