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03-07-2011, 01:14 PM
500 emblems imo would not be that bad, if the grind was a bit less tedious and dull, but if it was more fun then less people would buy, so the c-store has the players between a rock and a hard place.

We get them in game, but the in-game method is no fun and for some it is too lengthy, you can buy them, but that is money out of your pocket for a ship you may not like or may get outdone in a future level cap raise.

At any rate, I think the grind could be improved in such a way it does not hurt the store, improved to such a degree it makes it feel less like we are being forced to buy it from the store rather than grind it out.

I don't mind the store, I just don't like what it is doing to the game in some areas, well at least in the earning your ships in-game area.
It feels like it is holding the game hostage, want new ships? gotta grind your tail off in a very tedious and very grindy feeling way or buy it.

When are we going to get the old way back, when are we going to get new ships that we can buy in the game that do not involve dailies for days upon days, and when are we going to see craftable ships?

I am tired of every new ship going to the store and getting the 500 emblem daily grind treatment, I want to see the fun in earning these things make an appearence and I want ships I can buy even if I have to spend 5 mill on each to get em.

I don't hate grinds, if the grind is made fun and engaging, grinds can be made to have less of a bite without removing the grind from the equation.
I am not apposed to earning my stuff, I just want it to be fun, that is all.

I am glad the ships are now in game, now the grind needs to have some edges rounded off a bit either by lowering the cost of the ships emblemwise or upping how much you get for each daily.