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03-07-2011, 12:23 PM
As Gul mentioned, search a couple walk-through hints on this mission. I was in one of our fleets early runs (When we could only go to RA as well !) and you are right - first time was a long long long long slog.

Being able to level up to VA has helped quite a bit, and the recent nerfing of the borg on the ground portion means we are steam-rolling the patrols. (3 engies, 1 Tac, 1 Sci on our last run.)

You will have two choices at the generators - aggro method, or non-aggro method. Both are valid, both will work, both require a good degree of team coordination or you get swarmed. Yes, there is a 'bug' in which you leave a few alive, deaggro, and then get the cake-walk, but seriously....not needed.

Last run with the group mentioned above, there was quite a bit of time spent explaining what would happen, how to do things, etc. and we finished the run in 2.5 hours. But it was an easy easy easy 2.5 hours, including one extended break.

Boss fight at end is a silly easy now. It used to require a Sci guy to tank, I would not be surprised to see Engies doing it now.

Space fight - IMHO - only really fun part left. The cubes and carriers still take quite a bit of firepower to kill off.

Good luck to you - do some reading, and maybe team up with some of the active fleets who will guide you through.