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03-07-2011, 01:12 PM
No, it shouldn't be compensated for.

It specifically states :

Originally Posted by C-Store
Note: Purchasing this shuttle unlocks it for all Federation characters on an account. The Delta Flyer also is obtainable in-game per character via Memory Alpha Research. Players purchasing or unlocking the Delta Flyer also get a non-combat Delta Flyer pet that can be launched from your starship. The non-combat pet cannot be launched from any small craft.
It was in the product description.

If it had said C-Store exclusive and then they hid in a whole group of questions about the C-Store, in one little article off in a subsection on only the main website that it "might" be available sometime in the future, I'd agree with you.

But, they specifically said it would be available in game via crafting.