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03-07-2011, 01:26 PM
Cryptic's attitude to the C-store has become more and more mercenary as time goes by. As people rightly point out, this is because people /buy/ these things at these extortionate prices.

Now, how much of this is driven by Atari I don't know, but with the addition of the MVAM Prometheus it has driven it past the point I find acceptable. And in the end, it's not Atari this sours me on - I already know what kind of company Atari is - it is Cryptic.

If Dan genuinely cares about this community as much as he claims to - and I believe he does - then he needs to take a stand on this. The prices being charged for ships are not reasonable, do not provide value-for-money spent and I do not believe for a second are solely designed to cover Cryptic's costs in producing them. At $15 each, that would mean each ship requires the development man-hours of one-half to one-third of a full-priced game, which is well beyond the realm of believability.

Likewise the emblem cost - given the current state of what has to be done to achieve them - is deliberately, outrageously arduous - and again I suggest a developer sits down in his free time and does this grind for himself before asserting it is reasonable and qualifies the rewards as 'available in game'. Other people have jobs, too.