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03-07-2011, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by Noxsa
is the nebula in that list for a free token?! not sure here thats why i ask.

Sir your wrong! examples of things that change the game: MVAM, Galaxy X ship, XP Boost, Trible pets (Buffs), Bridge officers ...
Please next time think before you reply do not change game play ... pfff
Game changing and change the game aren't really usually considered the same thing, and either way I didn't mean them the same way. None of those items, or the lack thereof, will make one player signigicantly more able to play the game than any other, thus they are not "game changing".

Edit: You pay a monthly fee because they charge a monthly fee to access the game. Whatever that comes with is what you get for free with that subscription. Fine if you wish to nit-pick and say that it's thus not free; but if it's available in game, it cost nothing extra (usuallly