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Hi all,

Just returned to the game 3 weeks ago after a hiatus (started at headstart and got out at Season 2).

I've exhausted all the solo/PvE content and am now looking for a fleet to help me out with group based activities in the game: namely, I would like to gain experience participating in STFs (I have not done one) and some PvP. I have 1 VA with a second one RA I pair with my wife.

I'm on Pacific Time so I would like to join a fleet in the same timeframe, although I've been in CST/EST guilds before (late nighters). I most often play after 8pm though I try to get on as soon as I can. I do have kids (and the aforementioned wife) so my time in-game is not as extensive. But I do tend play ~2 hours a day everyday and more on weekends.

So if there's a non-hardcore fleet out there in the PST slot for the most part, I would be interested in applying and joining up.