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03-07-2011, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by castmodean View Post
I have noticed that if bottles are placed on the map, the only way they seem to show up is if you have high detailed objects turned on in options for your video. While this might work for some people, this wont work for everyone, especially seeing as how it is a toggleable option. The problem with this is that it creates an issue making a bottle an interactable item. If the player is unable to see the object in the first place, they would end up in a broken mission being unable to complete the objective. I would hope there is a lowres mesh that could be created for items like this so that they can be placed and everyone can see them. Additionally, a few more cup/mug and glass options would be nice too
Yes, this is a potentially big problem.

When I use a Foundry asset, I need to be confident that players can see it. If some can't see the object because they have the default settings of the game, then I don't want to use it at all. Even if 5% of the players can't see the object, it's not worth using.

Cryptic, would you release a featured episode that 30% of the player base cannot complete because they don't have settings a certain way? You're asking Foundry authors to do so.