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03-08-2011, 01:48 AM
We are one of the oldest fleets in STO! We have members that have been around since Beta testing as well as members who just started the game recently. We have a PvE division and a PvP division in our Fleet. There are players in our fleet from all over the world, so we have players on-line at almost all times of the day. We have a Teamspeak server so we can all communicate together easily as well as our own website. We also do lots of Fleet activities (STF's, PvP training, RPing, activities with other Fleets). If this sounds good to you then check out our website and download and connect to our Teamspeak server for free and come talk to one of the leaders and join ADF!!!

Main reasons to look in to the ADF.
-we have both a Fed fleet and Klingon fleet
-We are an active(daily) fleet in PVP and PVE
-we are casual play style and look to have a good time
-we have our own dedicated TeamSpeak3 server, chat channel across both factions
-we are stable and have been around since open beta and are going on stronger than ever with long term goals of being cross gaming to other MMOs.