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03-08-2011, 01:41 AM
My first encounter had him jumping on the roof and inside the building, but he got out and I didn't ultimately have any issues.

My second encounter with a different character had him jump on a building, and, once dead, out of reach to complete the objective.

So on my third take, I decided to immediately "aggro" him by engaging him in melee, so he had no reason to jump around. That worked. I also tried to trap him in his (?) own Thalorn Mine. Didn't manage to do that quite, but I managed to bring him down when a Thalaron was going up, leading to Obisiek being petrified during the cut scene. (Thankfully, that didn't cause any problems.) It appears I was also in the area of the mine, as my toon was then having the petrified look (but was quite alive and well otherwise).