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Originally Posted by ryecrash View Post
Thank you for stating this.

So many things in Star Trek are fantasy-based (instead of science-based) that I'm surprised the Remans don't use force-lightning and that we haven't received the One Ring as loot...yet.
I think an informal rule is that "Psionics" is magic for science fiction. But in games and settings were both exist, psionics are "mental" powers typically, with telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation as well as precognition and out-of-body stuff being psionic, while fireballs, summoning demons or elementals is "magic".

It can get even more complicated if you get into the realms of D&D, that always had Arcane and Divine Magic and later added Psionics, and Divine Magic often split between "Nature" and "Godly". The latest edition goes further and defines "non-magic" magics like "Martial", and establishes Arcane, Divine, Primal (formerly the Nature Divine magic), Psionics, Shadow and Elemental as possible power forms.
There is also "Ki" which might be magic, psionic or something third (in the latest edition of D&D, Ki is not its own power source due to the overlaps, but both martial and psionic touch upon it.)

In the end, neither psionics or magic are generally "scientific" terms and as such the ontology of this will probably never have an "official" definition. (Of course, in some Sci-Fi settings, magic or psionics might get pseudo-scientific explanations - like Mass Effect Biotics.)


Either way, the Remans always had these psionic powers in STO, so if anyhting, the Remans must always have been Undine, or it's just not a hint at anything. I think it's the latter.