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03-08-2011, 05:45 AM

See? Ask for help, (instead of whining "nerf everything" like some do) and you can generally find it.

One of the things for most fleets, I suspect, is they run fleeties first. That means, if there is Infected, Cure, KA, TD run starting up, the empty slots are filled by fleet members first, THEN they will ask non-fleeties. Which, I am sure you can understand the reasoning there.

So hey - you got a good invite from Black Flag to do a trial run with them, Go give it a whirl. Worst thing that happens, you don't care for them much (but I have heard via fleet-grape-vine that they do bathe somewhat regularly. Somewhat.....) and who knows - might have some fun without even trying to.

Good on you, for asking for help, and good luck. Report back here with success!