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I have finally updated the first episode this series. Here are the changes...

Episode 1 - The Q In My Side

Dialogue has been reworked and errors corrected
The First Borg encounter is no longer with a Cube but with 2 smaller more managable spheres
The final encounter now includes Romulans, Borg, and Klingons
Instead of just talking to Q at the end you are swipped from your ship and find yourself on a strange planet with your away team. Find Q and question him.
More changes will come once Foundry goes to holodeck

I think these changes support the flow of the story I am trying to tell. Keep in mind that there is reason for this gauntlet you have to encounter, that's why this episode is space heavy. But I believe that talking to Q on the planet adds more flavor to the entire thing. Here are the other episodes being worked...

Episode 2 - To Q And Back Again
Episode 3 - The Q Sphere
Episode 4 - The Q Ultimatum