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03-08-2011, 10:48 AM
All told, I enjoyed this episode. Thanks, Cryptic!

I wanted to give you some feedback:

1) The first part of the mission is basically to blast your way into orbit over the Tal Shiar base. This was probably the most boring part. It was both too easy and too time-consuming as a solo mission. More enemy ships and fewer enemy space turrets would have been better, I think.

2) I liked the "virtual guide path" gimmick and I hope you port that functionality over to the Foundry.

3) I liked the 3-D map; it really added to the experience and made the map feel different from the same-old.

4) Thanks for giving us a Science Officer! I was afraid it would be another Tactical BO.

5) I liked that there were lots of things to do on the ground... it kept things interesting and felt more interactive and free-roaming (even though it really wasn't).

6) I had problems transferring from the ground map to the space map for the final battle and lost my connection. I was able to log back in, though, so maybe it was just a glitch?