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03-08-2011, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by J-Lau
That's not quite what I'm saying. I requested a Diplomatic Investigation from Sugihara, and then go to the appropriate exploration sector (This usually happens when I go to one of the Romulan sectors.)
Once I enter, I click on the Diplomatic Investigations and I am transferred to that star system. It starts off as a non-combat mission with all the BOff dialogue mentioning the kind of things that I might have to scan on said planet (D'arsay Graves, Gorgans, Alien Artifacts, etc)
I beam down (usually with my lower ranking BOffs assuming I'll be only scanning stuff)
I end up with a mission where I'm liberating a colony from the Romulans. Somehow these missions are swapping once I beam down.
As long as you get DXP, it's a diplomatic mission, and as others have said, I wish this would happen more often as it's nuts to think NOTHING unexpected can happen, even on a diplomatic assignment, and the Star Trek TV series episodes themselves are rife with such examples.