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03-08-2011, 05:16 PM
Awesome to see this and from our allies too

Fleet name: Federation Fleet
Your name: Admiral Darren Wright
Your @handle: Admiral Darren Wright@Admiral-Darren-Wright
Your Position within the fleet: Fleet Admiral and Founder
Website address (if applicable):
Number of current members: 425 Active
Fleet focus(es) (e.g. RP, STFs, European, PvP, etc): We aim to help our members get the most of all areas, be it RP STF's, PVP, crafting etc etc we do it all and we do it big
A description of your fleet in 100 words or less:

Federation Fleet is based around the 3 F's that we take pride in, Fun, Fair and Friendly, Its wat all of our awesome people and 11 of our super Fleet Admirals use to help tones of people in all aspects of there Star Trek Online game experience. Federation Fleet is not just a game fleet but a community of people that help others and share there love of the game and other games and we are one of the oldest and most active fleets in game today. If your looking for a fun and friendly fleet then look no further