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# 1 A UI with a learning curve
03-08-2011, 05:14 PM
Ok, I know I'm probably the only one who was blown away by the UI interface. First of all, it was all to much! I like the idea of complete control, but when i don't know what those control do, I'm wasting my time hovering over all of the buttons, trying to find the button that was just introduced to me. Not only do you need to learn the UI quickly, but also the game is constantly giving you new concepts to learn. This is great, but one can only assimilate so much information at once. And while your reading over the new information, while still trying to learn the UI controls, it's a bit too much to process all at once. Not to mention while your trying to find the right control, the Borg are attacking you. X3

Anyways, what i propose is this. Either a UI which controls build as you learn them, or some kind of border, or flashing icon, to draw your attention to that control on the UI. It would make mastering the basics so much easier, and allow people to learn everything faster. After all, the thing about MMORPGs, is that you want the newbies to mature into game veterans.

Also, I'd like to ask for a control to help locate NPCs. I've found myself running all over Earth's star-base, looking for a Commander, which was actually in Admiral Quinn's office. What i propose is that you create a NPC finder, where you can type in who you want to find, or select a person from a list. Then the NPC would be highlighted on the map, and players navigate to where it is.

I know this would be no use to people who are used to the game, but it is important that the game be easy to use for beginners, too. After all, that's how you keep building your fan base up. In a game like Star Trek online, it's important to make playing the game both painless, and fun, because that's how you guarantee people to come back for more. I hope you consider my ideas. Because by the time you might decide to implement them, i may still be running around looking for that Commander again! Sorry, just a little joke. Anyways, live long, and prosper...and Qapla'...and all that Star Trek stuff! XD