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03-08-2011, 07:34 PM
1. The ship officers were the correct ones in space map dialogues. But when on the ground, I'm pretty sure both ship officers and the away team officers were wrong. It was one ship officer saying all the ship lines, and a second away team officer saying all the away team lines. I used both ship and away team officers to deliver lines on the ground portions. I didn't do that in space, and used purely ship officers for the space parts, so maybe the mixing had something to do with it.

2. Definitely didn't try that. That would be a lot of reworking to do, and I think it would make it a lot harder to adjust things if I did it that way if I later wanted to change or add something like another objective. However, there was one portion of the mission where I did have a "proper" dialogue that uses different BOs, but that did not work properly either.

If it is a KDF only issue that would make sense, because my other mission worked fine with a lot of dialogue between different BOs, but it was a Federation mission. But that mission was also finished and published a few months ago before the new dialogue system was put in. That said I haven't looked at it since I found these issues on the new mission.