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03-08-2011, 08:20 PM
Good epi, and some really good thoughts from the guys at the end. Will atari start investing abit more into this game, which obviously has brought atari good revenue. Id hate to see things go south for this game, especially when this game can be something more then most mmo's out there. I have my fingers crossed.

Here is my thoughts on what needs to happen sooner... then later...

- defenetly hire on more dev's ect.. Get that team bigger so that you can get that content out faster.. If the content comes out at faster instances, more people will continue to sub to this game and also, "word of mouth" will bring in more people... ie.. more cash flow

- I know ill get the looks from the feds, and i know things are coming for the kdf, iam aware and happy.. but get that 2nd faction done up soon. Bring back those fallen KDF players that left due to a faction that didnt have much to start off with "my view"

All in all, like I said.. dont let up atari/cryptic if you do.. this game will go south. Cryptic get those atari "masters" to give you what you need, HIRE MORE!

-end rant-