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03-08-2011, 11:04 PM
I see what you mean, Cruis.In. These are questions that I asked myself as well. You see, I am a storyteller not a programmer or leveldesigner. I try to tell a story in my mission that has an overlying premisse - a moral if you will - that develops characters. Except these characters are not your own.

To answer your question: No.
No, "Hunters" doesn't characterize the player or his BOFFs. That is not possible because I don't know what characters play my story. As I wrote in another thread once, it is a very delicate balance between interesiting dialog from your BOFFs and dialog that actually fits the player's BOFFs.

I honestly think, however, that this is how STO works and it basically is how STO gets its charm.
See, personally I like STO because it allows me to play myself or a character I envision inside the Star Trek universe. It goes even further by giving me MY ship and, if I want to, MY crew - both things I can customize to an (ever growing) extent.

Now, if I play a mission - from a strictly player point of view - I want it to play with my characters. I don't want to use other characters because I love mine. And I think most of the other players think so too.

As a storyteller what am I supposed to do?

The same thing STO does and, in fact, a lot of Star Trek episodes do because you cannot make character development in ever episode: Create minor characters that are actually the main characters of the story. Let the story revolve around them.
Granted, this is easer in storyarcs than in a single mission.

For example, in Part 1 of "Hunters" you meet one of these main characters. You don't learn a lot about her but she is introduced (Part 1 is meant as typical Star Trek teaser before the opening credits). In Part 2, that I'm still working out some kinks and thus it's not published yet, you meet a second main character and are hinted on a third.

I wrote this short story, the missions follow it and the characters - my characters - follow it as well. The player experiences my story.

I really know what you mean but I don't think a lot of players would like not to play their own characters.
I would love, however, if you could give the player at least a single NPC that acompanies him.