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03-08-2011, 11:54 PM
Hi Urieaal,
Please take a look at 3rd Fleet.

We are a mature international fleet. When I say mature, I mean in terms of attitude not necessarily age. We get that RL happens and we have no mandated play times and we focus on fun and that means we are sociable. We have a range of members both experienced and newbs and this does not cause a problem (we like to help). Also, because we are international there will always be people in-game.

Also, because "doing stuff together" is fun, we have a full calendar of activities and STF's.

Finally to cover your point about respect, we are pretty hot on non abusive posts and chat. Fun and silliness is fine - so long as it offends no-one. If there are complaints it is taken seriously. If you can't respect your fleet-mates, you shouldn't be in a fleet.

Look for us at
Or check our recruitment vid at?