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in Mine Enemy, When you are tracking down drill pieces for the Engineer achievement 1 romulan runs from you thinking that you're going to injure them due to a debt;
Why isn't the player given the opprotunity to give her the latinum to pay off the debt? or just pay Madran the latinum she owes? maybe grant a little DXP for doing this further optional bit of quest.

Mine Enemy, why can't i even try to kill the Horta?
granted it isn't a very starfleet thing to try and do, however I can easily see any and every klingon taking that approach. maybe offer an alternate accolade for killing the horta as well.

In Coliseum as a Medic Why do i have to run around the desert gathering twigs and berries for Slamek? when as a medic i have a kit that would heal him (heck lately i'ev even been wandering around with the kit with the useless hypospray powers) i imagine one or the other kits would have been more than sufficient to treat his wounds without running all over the desert.