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03-09-2011, 08:36 AM
Originally Posted by JG_Alexander
What if you were to use the place marker as an actual objective? Like "Go Back To <Room A>" or something. And you could set the waypoint to None so you don't see the circle. And you can set its radius to however large you need?
Yes, I used that as well. But the problem remains a Place Marker is ALWAYS acive, even if you change it to hidden until Objective X is complete.

Originally Posted by Patarival View Post
I would solve it like this:

Create 3 markers - 2 in the corridor and 1 in room B. Set the second marker in the corridor to be hidden an make the room B marker trigger this second marker into visible. This way you don't even have to make an objective.

Of course, if you want to use objectives you can set the secorn corridor marker to become visible (you can still deactivate the waypoint feature so it won't show up on the map) once the objective in room B is complete.

EDIT: Wait, I just realized that you don't want something to happen the first time you pass the corridor. In that case, 1 marker is enough.
Yes, but there's the problem of the fact markers can't be set to invisible or triggered to be visible. Well, they can be set to invisible, but it doesn't work. They are always visible and thus active the first time you cross the hall. Triggering a marker with a marker, therefor, also does not work. I tried all these things already hehe.

Thanks for your answers and suggestions anyway guys :-)