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03-09-2011, 09:15 AM
Fleet name: The Canadian Federation and our Klingon sub fleet House of K’nada
Your name: Shane Albers
Your @handle: @albers
Your Position within the fleet: Fleet Quarter Master (Command Council)
Website address (if applicable):
Number of current members: ~70 registered with ~25 active on a weekly basis
Fleet focus(es) (e.g. RP, STFs, European, PvP, etc): STF’s, light RP and a casual atmosphere
A description of your fleet in 100 words or less: We at the CF have just finished a lengthy rebuild phase and are currently a small fleet. We encourage chat both in-game as well as via vent but require that members do neither. We like to run events for STF’s and other raids as well as focus on teaching less experience players the ropes of STO. The majority of our player base is Canadian but we also have members from the US and UK and welcome people from all around the world. The name of the game for us is to have fun with friends.