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Hello, as I already mentioned in another thread, here is my take on a Klingon Torpedo Cruiser.
I have no clue how to call such a ship (T'Boom? K'Bang? Vor'Outch?).
This ship is a combination of several ideas.
One is TrekTheStars' Magnetic Pulse weapon, the other was a thread about the possibility of a torpedo ship.
The problem we currently face is of course the way torpedoes do damage in this game.
If I understand it correctly they make aout 10% of their base damage when they hit shields.
My solution is a weapon that does damage similar to a Photon Torpedo, but does 70% of its base damage when it hits shields but as a compensation only 30% of its base damage when it strikes unprotected hull.
Here's the complete fictional background story I've come up with for both the ship and the weapon along with the (somewhat careful and conservative) stats.

I'd be happy to hear from everyone what you all think of this:

Magnetic Pulse Torpedo:

Damage (DPS and DPV)
Identical to Photon Torpedo of Player level
Damagemodifier vs Shields: 0.7 (70%)
Damagemodifier vs Hull: 0.3 (30%)
Does not share cooldowns with other Torpedoes.
Modified by
"Starship Projectile Weapons Training",
"Starship Torpedo Weapons"
"Warhead Yield Chamber (Torpedo Weapons)"

The original Magnetic Pulse Torpedo was first used during the Battle For Organia.
The intent was to tear down shields far more quickly than a conventional Photon Torpedo could.
However the magnetic charge lacked the destructive force needed to actually destroy an enemy ship.
Unfortunately Klingon ships of that era had only a single torpedo launcher.
It was also a rare instance where the robust Klingon design principles worked against them:
Klingon launchers could only handle one type of torpedo at a time.
So ships equipped with Magnetic Pulse Torpedoes had to be fitted with special launchers as well.

As a result ships with Magnetic Pulse and Photon Torpedoes needed to be mixed.
The surprise attack of a Klingon battlecruiser armed with Magnetic Pulse Torpedoes on the U.S.S. Enterprise proved disastrous:
The Enterprise managed to the destroy the attacker with only minor damage to herself.

In the final analysis the weapon proved more trouble than it was worth and improvements in deflector shield technology meant that the weapon became less and less effective and was retired from service.
Existing ships were refitted with conventional Photon Torpedoes.
It took over 100 years to rekindle interest in the Magnetic Pulse Torpedo and involutary aid to make it useful again came from an unexpected source.
The Breen Energy Dampening weapon was rendered useless against Klingons by simple modifications to their reactors without knowing the principles behind it.

But their allies, the Federation and the Romulans, needed more to adapt to its effects: a working model.

When Klingon engineers got their hands on technical details on the example captured by Colonel Kira, they quickly recognized the simlarites to their own old weapons concept.
And after the war, when Klingons obtained samples of the weapon for themselves, they used them to make the Magnetic Pulse Torpedo useful again.
However one principle problem remained:
Simple Klingon construction concepts.
Instead of refitting its entire fleet with new torpedo launchers, the KDF designed a new ship that could handle both weapons while relying on existing technology.

Klingon Strike Cruiser

Hull: 34000
Crew: 1800
Impulse: 0.15
Turn Rate: 9 degrees/second
Inertia: 15
3/3 (conventional)
1/1 (special)
Can equip cannons
Cloaking Device
+10 Weapons
+5 Shields
+5 Engines
Console Slots:
Science: 2
Engy: 3
Tactical: 3

BO Arrangement:
Science: Lt.
Engy: Comm, Lt,
Tac: LtC, Ensign

Special Ability: Magnetic Pulse Torpedo High Yield 3
Cooldown 3 minutes
Does not share cooldown with regular Torpedo Skills


The Strike Cruiser is the only known Klingon ship type to mount special puprpose and conventional torpedoes simultaneously.
It is equipped with the newly improved Magnetic Pulse Launcher and whatever kind of regular weapons are required.
It lacks the endurance of a full battlecruiser and the maneuverability of the Raptor but its ability it engage the enemy at any distance with its impressive torpedo arsenal makes it a dangerous opponent.

The idea to connect the Breen weapon with the Klingon torpedo from the Original Series actually comes from the simple fact that their effects look quite similar and the Klingon weapon managed to cause little damage to the Enterprise, mainly "buckling in the Antimatter Pods".
The Breen weapon was unable to damage enemy ships at all, it just shut them off.