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Originally Posted by Alan_81 View Post
Sorry about that. Had I seen your earlier post I wouldn't have brought this subject again. Your idea would make it easier and hope you or someone puts it forward as a suggestion to STO's PTB.
No worries, man. I have sugegsted it before, but it has been a while. Perhaps it is time to bring it up again.

I don't suppose there's been anything from the devs about whether they have any plans to add changeable rank insignia to the TWOK uniforms? Given the freedom of uniform usage Starfleet have nowadays, I'd very much like one of my BO's to be a time transplanted officer from the late 23rd century and have him or her still wearing TWOK uniform but don't feel right having them in it and wearing the captain's rank insigna...unless I made them my XO or Chief Engineer just as Captain Spock was XO and Captain Scott was Chief Engineer to Captain Kirk on the Enterprise-A.
Nothing that I have seen. However, there is the possibility that such updates could be done along with the TOS pack, since the films count as part of TOS. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see the WoK uniform updated when the pack is released. If so, I'll have to update all of those guides as well, despite the fact that I think the new version of the belt buckle looks like crap and doesn't look enough like the canon buckle. But then maybe they'll update that too. Hope hope.


Oh and by the by, the Voyager updates are up. Just have to fix the wallpapers now then I'll have time to finish a surprise for you all.