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Yes, I've been wanting to "redesign" those special BOFFs for ages!

I'm disappointed my Breen Tac, Borg Sci, Reman Sci and Photonic Sci cannot be changed in any way!

I guess the only changes you could make to the Breen Tac would be to color his armor panels, but it would be nice if we could chose some of the other Breen uniform options.
Judging from the Breen ground forces during Emancipation, there are at least several different parts he could have that he doesn't currently.

I'd like to remake the Borg Sci to be similar to my Borg Engy, a hint of Borg without looking like I got him direct from the Assimilation Factory.
And it would help me tell him apart from Borg ground mobs!

I'm not sure what to do with the Reman Sci yet, but the first order of business would be to ditch the cloak/cape!
See the Incredibles (Pixar movie) for why I don't like capes or loose articles of clothing.....

The photonic sci, well, I have ideas to change his look, mostly his hairstyle.