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Originally Posted by GT01 View Post
It's been pointed out that those ships are actually warp-capable.
Source please.

Of the three options I listed above, I think Starfleet would use the second more often than not. Most medium to large starships having some carrier capacity if needed seems more practical than a dedicated carrier ship.

Starfleet and the UFP dislike the term "warship" and I'm guessing "fighter carrier" or just "carrier" would have similar negative connotations for an organisation primarily interested in promoting peace.

I was hoping the Fed side would get a dedicated carrier ship (Akira retrofit), but the current/planned strategy of any Fed starship being able to carry fighters is much more appealing. It feels more in line with what Starfleet would do, and also allows way more versatility.

So far we've only seen the KDF and Scorpion fighters, but additional Fed only fighters are coming. These may have cooldowns and deployment numbers similar to the KDF fighters. Couple this with being able to place them in the device slot of any ship and I'll be very happy.