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03-10-2011, 05:21 PM
[quote=Mirror-Master]I'm waiting for the nerfs directly related to PvP moans myself. I probably won't buy it right away because only Q knows how it will end up. At least the moaning didn't nerf the Lt Cmdr Science station so far which is a miracle in itself.[/QUOTE

I will not QQ it seems a fairly fair ship but one suggestion is to take out the one sloted tac due to a BoP not having one yes I understand the BoP has una slots but really with all the fed ships droping that is all they have. Also with the change to tac team and TSS1 the one sloted tac is a Boff worth having.

Just think all the have to do now it put in a fleet escort with a Lt.Comm eng slot and the fed escort piloits will be able to make nearly any combo a BoP can.

I think my suggestion is fair and it not asking to nerf the ship into crap.