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03-10-2011, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
Come now... That's precisely why I supported disabling tractor mines and scorpion fighters in PvP. You should have looked at my post history before typing that but I understand.

Pet spam aside, we all know the history of ship releases. The OP moans, and the resulting nerfs. I was just saying I'll delay my purchase to see if any downgrades follow the inevitable cries against a new FOTM ship.

I'm a firm believer that Cryptic needs to give PvP'ers a cookie and make sure their game is balanced. And on the flip side they need to make sure PvE'ers get ships and abilities that are enjoyable and not nerfed into uselessness. We're both paying for an enjoyable game after all.
True, but those goodies should not break the mechanics in either part of the game. I will agree that things could be different in PvE, though, and perhaps disabled (or reduced) for PvP.

I don't see MVAM as game breaking, personally. Even with a 5 man team fighting in them, it only equals 10 pets... just the right amount without interfering with my havoc-wreaking *too* much. muahahahahahaha.

EDIT: I don't see the mines as nerfed, because the amount was reduced, and not the power (save the tractor mines, but APO didn't seem to work, and I was stopped cold by only one of them). That said, there have been others that say they wanted the damage increased the pew pew mines make to compensate. I can live with that if it means less stuff on the screen to render.