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03-10-2011, 11:08 PM
KDF are going to want a line of dedicated science vessels to compensate for the loss of factional flavor and our lack of such a vessel coming up the ranks.
Heh, I like that comment Roach. It was something I was wondering too when I was ranking my klink, My primary on fed side was sci, and I did wonder where the Fek'Ihr class was. Although sci's get a lil more flavor with the new retrofits, if you wanna spend the c-store credits, but it would be nice to see some sci love.

ST Invasion can't be used as a basis for anything in this game, and the Typhon class can't be used because its owned by another game company.

I don't believe you've actually read the threads you speak of. Otherwise you'd have the answers you seek. Also, your OP has the tone of dismissal for alternative POV's presented against yours, so I'm not quite sure its even worth answering some of your other questions.
Lol, do some research about Star Trek: Invasion, chiefly the credits.

Viacom Consumer Products/Paramount Pictures
■Director, Product Development - Interactive and Technology: Harry Lang
■Supervisor, Product Development - Interactive and Technology: Daniel Felts
■Special Thanks: Pam Newton, Terri Helton, Andrea Hein, Gerald Kline, Juliet Dutton, Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson, Dave Rossi
■Very Special Thanks: Gene Roddenberry
I believe there is a few names here you should pay attention too before you start your tirade about canon, chiefly Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson and Dave Rossi.

And I see your points Nagus and Lionheart about the P2P vs F2P, and the stipend, I didn't think of it in that respect, It makes much more sense to be used as an alternative. *It would still be cool for us to have it though haha*