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03-10-2011, 11:30 PM
honestly i do not care about taking credit.. i am not self centered in that manner... the credit for me is the satisfaction in knowing i contributed something that makes someone happy.. if that is not enough for me then that is honestly my problem. i mean absolutely no offense in any way.. to anyone, but i just would be happy letting someone else get the rewards and such... getting physical rewards doing something like this does not interest, motivate, or satisfy me at all, whereas my reward would personally be knowing i helped make something unique. in my mind, if I am getting into the foundry for some gain other than benevolently contributing to the community then it isnt for me. it was never meant for anything other than that to begin with.

anyways,..keeping those things in mind, anyone who would want to put some ideas and talents together is welcome to PM me by all means. credit would probably go to the whole group, probably in the notes, like credit titles. i think that is fair and makes sense. i would assume my talents would be best channeled into story, grammar, and flow, just to name a few.