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03-11-2011, 05:48 AM
Canon is not just the TV shows and Movies, thats a defensive construct of the fanbase to defend themselves from those who point out flaws in their reasoning. Thier are several legally liscensed Star Trek products on the market that cover the holes left by the TV/Movies.
Liscensed by the owners of the Star Trek intellectual property, much like G.Lucas has to say YA/NAY on any new StarWars products before they are released or even conceptualized, those who own Star Trek must give thier approval on any legally Trek.
That means every legal liscensed product. Only Fanfiction is true non-canon.
If the owners approve then its canon law in my book. So every novel on KDF society and storlines in ST (if a legally allowed printing) is as canon as the movies or TV shows.
Or are we to think the very book written specifically about STO (as a legal IP property) is not canon?
Thats stupid and self-centered on the part of the fans of ST to claim otherwise and hints at thier "elitism" and self-centered need to keep the Federation as special in thier eyes.
Are we to really believe that (thanks to hard canon) there are only two KDF scientists in the whole of KDF history? That the Gorn actually build spaceships and move faster than a snails pace in combat ? (Hard canon would support they are nothing but slow moving lizards and we've never seen an episode where they build anything)
Clinging to hard canon as the only "true" source of ST information is the last defense of a fanbase unwilling to expand their thinking and give up thier "plot devices" that make them seem far better than every other races to grace the universe with their prescence.
Its narrow minded and goes against thier claims of "embracing Diversity".
Hypocracy, the biggest human export.