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03-11-2011, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Galactrix View Post
If you take a look at the Foundry Roadmap you can see that in the longer term goals, dStahl mentions cutscenes in Foundry missions. But that's a long long way away.
Damn i missed that. But it being a long way off, or maybe even untenable in the end, is understandable.

Originally Posted by Galactrix View Post
Also in the latest Podcast UGC, ZeroniusRex mentions that their creation involves some dev hacks, so they don't sound easy to make. I also got that impression from Gozer's interview on STOked - setting up the camera paths and actions sounds complicated.

I wouldn't get my hopes up to see it anytime Soon™.

P.S. also check out those podcasts I mentioned! They are good for news like that
Havent got around to them yet, since i got my com fixed up. Still on the 3rd podcast...oops. Seems theres alot of interesting things i have missed...