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03-11-2011, 09:56 AM
I'm not big on the Romulans joining Feds / KDF

The Romulan Star Empire is MASSIVE, so much like the Feds don't fly to Earth, but rather have a large starbase, shouldn't the Romulans have a massive starbase as their new "home" / base of operations?

That would be pretty epic if the starbase was close enough to fractured Romulus that you could see it off in the distance.

I would personally LOVE to see "neutral" zones in between the KDF, Fed and Romulan sectors where PVP is optional, however if you cross into one of the other faction's territory, you are auto-open for PVP.

Kinda makes sense from a "war" standpoint. There's no reason to fly my D7 into Sol unless I want every Fed player flying towards me ready to rock and roll. Not that there couldn't be some prize for completing objectives in some enemy systems that grant nice rewards. Would kinda reward Fleets for acting like fleets and doing a "raid" together. Feds could be alerted and move in to fight / patrol.