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03-11-2011, 06:46 PM
And surprise! You don't have to wait until Monday!

This set, inspired by the Star Trek: Destiny Trilogy (by David Mack) is just the beginning of the new Soft Canon Uniforms section.

Star Trek: Destiny uniforms.
Note: This uniform may or may not be what was intended as the Dax uniform in ST: Destiny. Several images seem to verify it as so while others do not. Regardless, I thought it was a kool look, so I added it to the guide.

Command Red
Security/Engineering Gold
Sciences Blue
Medical Blue-Green

Admiral's Uniform

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 uniforms

Elite Force Command
Elite Force Operations
Elite Force Sciences

Research and Development Uniforms

A05 Uniform
A05 Project Leader Uniform
B01 Uniform
B01 Project Leader Uniform
Jupiter 03 Uniform
Jupiter 03 Project Leader Uniform
Jupiter 05 Uniform
Jupiter 05 Project Leader Uniform

Starfleet Marine Corps

Standard Duty Uniform
Combat Uniform - Brown
Combat Uniform - Gray
Combat Uniform - Green
Dress Blues

I hope you all like them.