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03-11-2011, 09:49 PM
Canon is dictated by the holders of the IP Roach, and they're the ones that say, with few exceptions, that the only canon that exist for ST is the shows and movies. Some of the books and comics are considered canon by CBS/Paramount, but most of the books aren't. If theye were canon, then CBS would have required recognition of the Titan and Destiny series' of books. We would be playing a game about the reconstruction of the federation (and every other major power) and not have the borg to deal w/ at all.

So we would probably have the Undine, and iconians, but if you want to play the "let's stretch the definition of canon to what I want" game, then I'd love to see the Borg gone, and have nothing but missions about how I have to help rebuild Vulcan (decimated in the destiny series).