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03-11-2011, 10:47 PM
I'm not offended, just trying to let you know what the current difficulties are in regard to your ideas about collaboration. When I'm done with my current re-edit of my 6 mission story arc I'll possibly be looking for something to do. The problem is I'm almost out of mission slots.

It would be difficult for me to do many more missions with the current situation until this situation is clarified. To make matters worse, Foundry missions currently on the tribble test server won't be movable to the holodeck server when the Foundry goes live.

So that makes creating more missions essentially double duty, to make them once on the test server and then re-make them on the live server. That is a significant amount of time and effort to do as I have 6 missions of great complexity to copy over already.

So, while your idea of collaboration is great, it will be a while before it is practical to do so.