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03-11-2011, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by wfs5519 View Post
im sorry if i offended.. it was not intended, but in any case, yea i do agree. the tools are limited so far and hope that they expand to get past these inherent limitations. anyone with an open mind and heart who wishes to contribute in spite of these limitations will do so if they really do want to.. hence the term where there's a will there's a way
Napoleon is very hard to upset. He is a great author and knows how to take criticism. He also has my disease of being very misunderstood on the forums. I think we both have had to learn how to control our sense of humour in the fear of upsetting people and being labelled trolls.

Originally Posted by Napoleon_BlownApart
As usual you are missing point #1 Who's mission slot gets used? Authors with many good ideas are going to run out of Mission slots. Also... I haven't seen the import function working yet... So other then someone writing a script in a different format, and sending it to someone to actually make it in the editor, collaboration INSIDE of the Foundry editor is a non-starter.

Now, authors and creators can certainly work together to make missions. And that sounds like a good thing, but until we get clarification about #1 I don't think a lot will get done.
I think most people will gladly give up a foundry slot to create someone else's story. Of coarse it would have to be a good story worth designing. The import export function for other peoples missions, I think is not currently working, and am not sure if it will ever work. I can see many users having disputes over this, but I'm not going to worry, because I already have some great writers who have asked me to do there missions once foundry hits tribble. I guess people will have to be very choosy who they work with.

My question to you guys would be this.

Would you pay for extra Foundry slots?
I would.