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03-12-2011, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
MVAM is completely OP, as I have been trying to say for quite some time now. I'm also leveling up a fed sci to put in one.

The BoP loses a lot for it's versatility, MVAM loses hardly anything at all. I think a 5 sci team in MVAM would be a sight to behold. 5 Ships become 30 on the opening, and those pets are spreading beta (with FAW no less) delta, BTWS (Even a slight drop in weapons power can hugely effect DPS) and BTES around. Yikes.

The Lt. Com sci is just a slap in the face to BoP pilots since the default MVAM boff config is very close to what a lot of us run, but the MVAM gets higher hull and shields, another weapons slot, another tac slot, another ensign boff, as well as pets and amazing maneuverability when in MVAM mode.

Easily the best Escort in the game IMHO, and it's sad to see that one faction is continually getting all the best toys. Feds now have the obviously best escorts, cruisers, and of course sci ships. The only ships Klingon's have left that do not have comparatively better peers Fed side are the recently nerfed Carriers, and I'm thinking that's only because the Feds don't have carriers :p
My thoughts EXACTLY.